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Poker star championship barcelone resultat

poker star championship barcelone resultat

After calling on the button with A7, Raffael Sorrentino checked his option in the big blind with.
This time however, he chaise de bureau ergonomique sans roulettes decided to get more aggressive and it cost him a chunk of his stack.
When the 2J4 landed on the board, Kaufman led out for.275 million.It meant that the pair of Queens was good enough for Sorensson to scoop the 15 million pot as the gap has once again begun to widen between the two.That brought the pot up to 9 million.The river was the.MH 1:20pm: Akkari off to a good start Level 32 - Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 25,000) PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo champ Raffaele Sorrentino opened the action under the gun holding JT to 425,000.The pot was.1 million and Sorensson only owed.9 million to call, but he decided against it and pushed his hand away.Andre Akkari ready to go The second is Raffaele Sorrentino's bid to claim a second PokerStars Championship title within its first season.Kaufman is back up to more 10 million and Sorrentino back down.8 million (or 10 bigs).Petkov folded six-deuce offsuit from the button on the next hand, then Sorensson again limped with.None of the pairs were good.
Raffaele Sorrentino is back The A landed on the river to see Sorrentino scoop the near 15 million pot.
Sorrentino called right away, and we discovered along with Siddique that Sorrentino's other card was the case ace as he had.
After quite a passive passage of play, Sorensson elected to three-bet Petkov's limp.6 million with Q4 and Petkov called.DJ 9:05pm: Another one for Sorensson Level 38 - Blinds: 400,000/800,000 (ante 100,000) Sorensson made.7 million with the K3 on the button and Petkov called with the.The dealer made sure both players had seen the.Photography by Neil Stoddart.The flop came 8K9, giving Sorrentino kings and Sorensson nines.Petkov - having Sorensson slightly covered - pushed all in with 33 and after thinking about Sorensson folded.Petkov called fairly quickly.DJ 6:57pm: Akkari's run ends Level 37 - Blinds: 300,000/600,000 (ante 100,000) Andre Akkari is out.Sorensson increases.5 million, giving him the monster chip lead.On the next hand it folded to Petkov in the small blind who picked up KJ and open-raised all in, and Andre Akkari folded the big blind, where we could see one of his cards was a four.MH 4:45pm: Sorrentino shoves again Level 35 - Blinds: 200,000/400,000 (ante 50,000) Raffaele Sorrentino just announced all-in again after looking down at 88 from the cutoff.Sorensson has just over 30 million, Petkov about 20 million.MH 1:35pm: Siddique ships Level 32 - Blinds: 100,000/200,000 (ante 25,000) After picking up AQ under-the-gun, Usman Siddique elected to get his remaining.57 million in the middle by announcing all-in.Their counts: Name Country Status Chips Sebastian Sorensson Sweden PokerStars qualifier 31,300,000 Lachezar Petkov Bulgaria 19,100,000 9:55pm: Sorensson won't call Petkov's postflop push Level 39 - Blinds: 500,000/100,000 (ante 100,000) In the last hand before the end of the level and a break, Sebastian Sorensson.MH 4:10pm: Akkari takes from Sorrentino Level 32 - Blinds: 150,000/300,000 (ante 50,000) Team Pro Andre Akkari looked down at T8 and opened the action to 650,000 from under the gun.

On the 6 river, Akkari led out again - this time for a half pot bet.375 million.
And he decided to muck.