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Hokey pokey highland park

English Folk-Rhymes: A collection of traditional verses relating to places and persons, customs, superstitions, etc.
Whoa, the hokey cokey Whoa, the hokey cokey Whoa, the hokey cokey Knees bend, arms stretch, Rah, rah, rah!
9 Up until the reforms of Vatican II, the priest would perform his movements with his back to the congregation, who could not hear well the words, nor understand the Latin, nor clearly see his movements.
There is a final instruction set with "you put your whole self in, etc cramming the centre of the dance floor.For the final "That's what it's all about the participants clap with their hands out once on "that's" and "what" each, clap under the knee with the leg lifted up on "all clap behind the back on "a- and finally one more clap with the.The body parts usually included are, in order, "right leg "left leg "right arm "left arm "head "buttocks" (or "backside and " whole self the body parts "right elbow "left elbow "right hip and "left hip" are often included as well.On each "pokey the participants again raise the arms at 90 angles with the index fingers pointed up, shaking their arms up and down and their hips side to side five times.Each instruction set is followed by a chorus, entirely different from other loto 5 08 15 parts of the world.The Gift to be Simple: Songs, Dances and Rituals of the American Shakers.Much of the crowd participates in the dance, as do the tubas during much of the song and the rest of the band loterie funestre magali babelio during the tuba feature.Sports edit The Marching Virginians of Virginia Tech play this song (known as the " Hokie Pokie " at Virginia Tech because of their mascot ) between the third and fourth quarters at all Virginia Tech football games.This instruction and chorus are repeated for the other limb, then for the upper right, then upper left arm.
Andrews, Edward (1960) First published 1940.
In 1979, the rock group Slade released a version titled "Okey Cokey" as a single.Missing or empty title ( help ) Chambers, Robert."Canada's Hokey Pokey cause of England dust up m Archived January 30, 2009, at the Wayback Machine "Fraser's Phrases: The Curious History Of 'The Hokey Cokey' - BBC America".Weber, Bruce (3 December 2009).You put your right foot in; And then you take it out, And wag it, and wag it, and wag it, Then turn and turn about.After listing all the ills and mysteries to which our modern world is prey, he casino vals les bains gains imagines the solution in its simplest form: The Hokey Pokey.