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I poke your nose

It's not for us to poke our noses.
Informal, disapproval, we don't like strangers who poke their noses into our affairs.Compare with keep your nose out of something.See also: nose, poke poke one's nose in (to something) and stick one's nose in (to something).See also: nose, poke, something, stick Link to this page: a href"m/pokenoseinto" poke (one #39;s) nose in(to) (something) /a.See also: nose, poke, something poke your nose into take an intrusive interest in; pry into.See also: nose, poke poke your nose into something or le grand casino mondial stick your nose into something, informal, common If someone pokes their nose into something or sticks their nose into it, they interfere in something that does not concern them.I wish you'd stop poking your nose into my business.Don't poke your nose in men's affairs!I do not know why she pokes her nose.Or stick one's nose into sth phrase, if someone pokes their nose into something or sticks their nose into something, they try to interfere with it even though it does not concern them.
Wherever she pokes her nose in, trouble wherever she goes.See also: nose, poke poke one's nose into, pry into or meddle in another's affairs,.Now, don't anyone poke your nose outside this door, unless you want it shot off.I can not poke my nose into Bédard's affairs.Don't poke your nose.To interfere with something; to be nosy about something.I told you very specifically do not go there and poke your nose around.I won't poke me nose in other people's tunnels.What happens in this department fdj resultat loto du 1 novembre 2014 does not concern him.She was too mercury international lotto fixture for today upset for me to stick my nose in and ask what was wrong.Not only did you pay no heed to my friendly warnings, but you took advantage of our trust.