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Nit poker means

nit poker means

Nit is an exceptionally tight player who only enters into the pot with an extremely strong range of starting hands.
What most average American Joes are actually living to achieve in their rather ordinary, mundane lives, whether consciously aware of it or not.
Find the meaning of the term "nit" in poker along with similar related terms for profiling poker players.
Eventually they may play, but by the time they get on the table the stakes are so low the table-time will eat any winnings you make.Acronym for the National Invitation Tournament, a men's college basketball tournament held in New York City's.By blah blah, december 24, 2004.That guy's such a nit- he wouldn't bet a nickel that water's wet.See also, passive, Tight.Bluffcatching is nearly always a bad idea since nits dont bluff.Top definition, nIT unknown.Y'mean we're all out here battling for a spot between 73rd and 105th place?This resultat du loto du 18 11 15 style is also perfect against weak opponents.
Any decent player can crush them though which is why you generally won't see a nit in higher stakes games.
#poker #rock #gambling #holdem #gambler by xgamer April 02, 2008.See Also, lAG, TAG, Calling Station, Fish, Donk.But too careful and preserved style is also not always useful as nits are easy to read.When a nit is playing aggressively postflop it means that he nearly always has the nuts (or close to it).That guy is a complete nit.Usually found in poolrooms.Kris: Let's play for bigger blinds this weekend, it's my birthday.Exceptionally tight player, maniac Loose and crazy, lP Loose Passive.Get out of the way when the nit shows interest in a pot and takes aggressive lines.TP Tight Passive, strategy Application, nits are not generally good poker players.Example usage, our gameplan on the BTN was to steal aggressively against the two nits on our left.It is easy to steal blinds from players like this; they also can easily be outplayed by aggressive play.(Submitted by, twoGun ) « Nickel.

Madison Square Garden every March at season's end.
Nit is a very tight and passive poker player who avoids making tough decisions at the poker table.
This person will tend to avoid gambling without an edge, whilst at the same time will take full advantage of any free drinks and/or food offered by a casino.