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Numero loterie majora's mask

He is located near the russisch roulette hiv ladder that leads to the central watch tower.
Give the Postman the Letter to Mama, and comment bloquer des roulettes he will express deliver it Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar.
There are circles of bushes that will come to life when you attack one of them.After completing the mini-dungeon, Kafei will obtain the Sun's Mask.Collectible Masks, there are twenty masks in the game that do not cause Link to transform, and each has a specific purpose.Upon successfully making it to Clock Town, Cremia will thank you by giving you the Romani's Mask Wear this to get into and purchase milk at the Latte Milk Bar in Clock Town.Wear this and press B to parade small animals around.Garo's Mask Gorman Track After learning Epona's Song Play Epona's Song and ride Epona to the Gorman Track.Name Location Conditions Details Screenshots Odolwa's Remains Woodfall Temple After defeating Odolwa Odolwa's Remains is an unwearable boss mask in Majora's Mask.Romani's Mask Romani Ranch Acquire Powder Keg from Goron Village.
After all four have been played, Gorman will cry and give you this mask in thanks.
This allows Link to interact with other Deku Scrubs, stun enemies, hop on water, use flowers to fly and well as shoot bubbles.Open it for your prize, the Captain's Hat.Troupe (Circus) Leader's Mask Milk Bar After obtaining the Zora Mask and Romani's Mask This mask is known as the Troupe Leader's Mask in the Nintendo 3DS version, while it is referred to as the Circus Leader's Mask in the Nintendo 64 version.This mask is required to collect all the Stray Fairies in the various Temples.This will allow you to speak with Gibdos while Beneath the Well.Inside, speak with the Butler to start jeux de machine a sous sans telechargement hasard a race.You can complete the quest as soon as you have acquired the Hookshot and Garo's Mask.#2 Waiting in the Laundry Pool of Clock Town.To get it, Link must give all 20 normal masks to the kids on the Moon.The remains are the main reward for defeating the boss of Snowhead Temple, Goht.

You can technically complete this before going to the Woodfall Temple.
Use a Deku Stick to light up all the remaining torches found within the Goron Shrine.