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Pokeradar diamond how to use

pokeradar diamond how to use

The PokeRadar allows you to find Pokemon in tall grass that couldn't be encountered normally.
You could also just use an Action Replay if you have a DS version but that kind of ruins the game experience by cheating.1 Answer 1 vote, best answer The Poké Radar is obtained from Professor Rowan in his lab immediately after receiving the National Pokédex from Professor Oak; however, he will not explain how it works very thoroughly.Some of the Pokémon in the game are very rare and difficult to find, let alone capture, but after completing the initial stages of the game, you will receive the.The shiny patch shake: Yeah, I think I've covered that already: shiny patch100 guaranteed shiny pokemon Here is a video (not mine) that shows the different patches of grass from 1:37- 1:59 Rule #2 : Only step into grass that is at least 4 patches.First beat the Pokemon league and complete the sinnoh pokedex.Now, use a repel, step into the middle of the field of grass, and make sure that you only have your pokeradar registered.Privacy Policy, all content design Pokémon Database.Keep trying and you'll eventually wem gehört casino austria find.Plus, you can only use it once before you have to recharge it by walking about 50 steps though.Go to Sandgem and talk to Rowan and you'll get the National Dex and the Poke Radar with it!It's Professor Rowan, and yes, you get it after you've beaten the Elite Four and have seen every Pokemon in your Sinnoh Dex.
225,226 Primeape Rare Manky.
You must walk 60 steps after using it to use it again.The Pokeradar allows you to find Pokemon outside the SinnohPokedex.Here's the hard part though: if you encounter a different Pokemon your chain IS broken, and you'll have to start again from the beginning.204 (Jublife side)Ralts Rare-Kirlia.But, if you were to use the pokeradar you will find legendaries.

You go into a patch of grass, make sure you are NOT on your bike, and select PokeRadar from the KeyItems pocket.
If you are chaining a steel type Pokemon, I'd recommend having a Pokemon with the ability magnet pull because it raises the encounter rate of steel types by 30, like static does for electric types.
Activate your pokeradar, and a few patches of grass will shake.