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Stick and poke kit kopen

Paper towels are used to cover your work area in order to have a surface to lay your equipment.
Sketching your Stick and Poke Tattoos I used to trace tattoos using standard pens, but lotos eaters stanza wise explanation I find them less hygienic than tattoo pens.Tattoo kits, shop now, stick poke INK, shop Now.Free stickers with all orders.Wearing medical gloves is an important hygienic measure, and it also prevents staining your fingers with ink.Sterile tattoo needle OR standard sewing needle.However, these tools arent optimal for stick and poke tattoos since they dont retain ink as well as tattoo needles and arent as sharp.Once youve obtained the proper DIY tattoo tools, youre all set to follow our guide on how to stick and poke!After the session throw away everything that is still on your working area, even if you have not used.Sterilizing your equipment, work area and the skin you will be doing a stick and poke tattoo on is crucial.
You should wash your hand before and after putting them.
Youll be using rubbing alcohol to sterilize your equipment as well as the skin of the person youll be tattooing.
The ink, stencil lubricant and aftercare cream included in all our kits are vegan.As a hygienic precaution, put all the makeup remove pads (or dry wipes) youll need on your working area before starting the tattoo.I cover them with rubbing alcohol for ten minutes before using them and I use each container only once.You should take all measures to prevent infections.Ink containers specifically created for tattoos are optional but their tiny size helps minimize ink waste.Needle support (for sewing needle dental floss (for sewing needle tattoo Ink.I use a household bleach solution (1 part of household bleach to 9 parts of water) for that purpose.We love hand poke tattooing, and we love our planet.Includes detailed instructions everything that youll need to complete a stick and poke tattoo safely.Stick and Poke Ink, the best ink for stick and poke tattoos is tattoo ink. .Heres a list of the tools and materials I use to perform Stick and Poke tattoos.You will need a disposable razor if the skin you are tattooing is hairy.We've designed the stick and poke tattoo kit to help people get hand poked tattoos safely.