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What is pokai in cantonese

and the carte grise geant casino la valentine highly offensive diu lei lo mo!
However, it is usually used as a vulgar adjective especially among the youth.
It literally means " falling on the street" and ( pok) means falling and ( gai ) means street.
The written form of puk gai commonly seen in Hong Kong.Other euphemisms include haai4 (shoes) and haai5 (crabs).Gau edit Gau ( or Chinese : ; Jyutping : gau1 sometimes wrongly written as ( haau1 ) or ( gou1 ) despite different pronunciations, is a vulgar Cantonese word which literally means erected cock or cocky.Two common phrases include so4 hai1 (silly cunt) and cau3 hai1 (stinking cunt).Examples of expressions include diu lei!Since the penis and vagina are both exposed to the sun, the second part is hai1 gau1 saai3 a pun for total failure.The term is even used in a colloquial sense by Malaysian Malays, in which case it is usually rendered as " pokai ".Therefore, if one wants to say that something is a total failure, he only has to say, and the listener will understand the intended meaning.
Pok gai is actually a Cantonese "swear" word, which is often used by Cantonese speakers when they are pissed at someone or the word is used when they are playing games.
( or, fuck your mother) or diu lei lo mo chau hai!
15 See also edit Notes and references edit Notes edit References edit Bauer, Robert.; Benedict, Paul.fuck your mother's foul cunt).Minced loto euromillion les numero qui sorte le plus variants include ngong6 geoi1, Q ngong6 kiu1, ngaang6 gaau1 ( lit.Cat6 tau4 ( or or ) can be loosely translated as "dickhead".( or, fuck you!Lan yeung ( or ) can be loosely translated as "dickface".9 or Ham6 gaa1 ling1, or ham6 gaa1 fu3 gwai3 (may the whole family be rich or ham gaa ceong (may the whole family be fortunate) are common variant but ling (to take/carry something) has little logical relations with the original phrase.Similar to the seven dirty words in the United States, these five words are forbidden to say and are bleep-censored on Hong Kong broadcast television.It is just a word to express.One would often only state the first part, expecting the listener to know the second.

In Taiwan, it is commonly used to refer to planking.
To further stress the failure, sometimes the phrase hai1 gau1 saai3 is used (the word gau that means penis is put in between the original phrase).
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